Mission & Vision



Nualime was created for the woman who is trying to become a better version of herself – inside and out. We believe that exercise and healthy eating habits makes you happier and stronger, and that nothing beats the sensation of feeling good in your own skin.

Getting healthy – and loving it – is the journey we all here at Nualime already embarked upon. We run, we do yoga, we meditate, we  do pilates, we spin, we play volleyball. And to motivate us, we created a workout line that is stylish, fresh, and fun to accompany us on our workouts, runs, yoga classes, and in our everyday, ever-growing to-do lists .  

We believe in the natural power of women: connecting like-minded women makes us stronger. And we invite you to join our community and live with fire. Live to defy your limits, get stronger, faster, leaner, calmer, hotter, cooler. We are people who have an intrinsically positive attitude towards life – join us!  

That’s why we created Nualime. To inspire you to engage a healthy lifestyle with style - and feel your best.  


Nualime - inspired activewear

Intelligent workout clothing with an evolved purpose.