Our Story


We created this line for you…our friends, cousins, neighbors, moms…all the busy women who work and workout to be healthier, happier people.

When we imagined a line of our favorite pieces—the things we’d love and feel the most comfortable in—we couldn’t find it. So we stopped looking and started designing! We searched the world's best mills looking for high-quality, innovative fabrics, and cute colors and unique prints. Our activewear and yoga clothing line brings sleek, fashion-forward clothes to women who demand a higher standard.


Just like nualime, our founder Tatyane Castro was born in Brazil and proudly calls New York home.  She’s thrilled to share nualime with the world, and it all started with a tiny seed of an idea…

When she was very young, Taty’s mom told her that if she worked hard enough, her dreams would always be within her reach. Well…Taty took that seriously. Like, really seriously. Ten years ago, she came to NY as a freshly graduated college student, with just an internship—no English skills, family or friends. Like the self-starter she’s always been, she was ready for the challenge. 

So much has changed since then! (Moms always know best, don’t they?)

Now a Fordham University MBA graduate (and lover of all things fitness, fashion and yoga) Taty has her sights on the next big challenge: growing a business. When she saw the incredible beauty and innovation of the latest fitness-fashion trends from Brazil—she wanted to share it. When she saw an opportunity to support women who wanted to become their best, healthiest, and most confident selves—she wanted to be a part of it. 

So she took the leap! Leaving behind a successful career in corporate Real Estate, Taty started nualime: intelligent workout clothing with an evolved purpose.  nualime is the first line of stylish, high-tech activewear that’s designed and produced in NYC by skilled men and women who earn a fair wage. Supporting the local economy is an important part of giving back to the city Taty loves and calls home.

Taty loves living a healthy lifestyle…and on any given day, she’s somewhere practicing yoga or Pilates, playing volleyball in Central Park, lifting weights, or enjoying a run. Taty completed the Hampton’s Full Marathon in 2009 and NYC Half Marathon in 2009 and 2014.

And the rest is to be continued…


Born in Brazil and made in New York.

From the very first stitch to this morning’s Shavasana, Nualime is all about supporting women in the pursuit to live their best, healthiest lives. We’re proud to be the first full line of activewear designed and produced in New York City – bringing together an edgy New York look with a fresh, bright Brazilian vibe. Our high-performance fabrics work as hard as you do, delivering superb fit and performance to make you feel powerful, sexy, and well dressed. It’s fashion meets fitness, and so much more: you can feel confident knowing that every piece is crafted by skilled men and women who make a fair wage.



Just like our founder, Nualime was born in Brazil and is now a proud New Yorker.

Every piece is designed and crafted in NY, made from fabrics sourced exclusively from Brazil and the United States. We believe in supporting the people who make Nualime a quality brand. It makes us happy to personally meet the people who cut, sew, and pack our clothes, and know that they have a good work environment and receive fair wages. Producing in New York, where we are based, allows us to maintain very high standards of quality. And our customers can feel good knowing their favorite workout clothes help support the local economy.


To empower women by spreading the core factors for happiness: health & freedom.