Our Edge (DRAFT)


1. DESIGNING - We talked to everyone!

Yoga instructors, marathon runners, tennis players, Crossfit lovers, Zumba devotees, moms, powerhouse executives, and the occasional once-a-week-spin-class girl. After experimenting with almost every brand out there (and armed with a list of their strengths and flaws) we put our creativity hats on and got to work. Finding the right fit, perfect features and the best fabric were—and always will be—our highest priority. 

2. SOURCING - We looked everywhere!

Carefully sourced and selected fabrics, trims, elastics deliver excellent quality and performance. 

3. PRODUCING - We selected only the best!

Ethically produced: first activewear line designed and fully Made in NY with NYC's best factories and obsess over fit, flattering details, and excellent materials. X