I'll admit, before I lost weight (I've lost 41 pounds on WW so far), I wore old t-shirts and dark bootcut workout pants to exercise. I stayed far away from leggings, long or cropped, with any sort of print on them. But that's changed—just check out my latest pair.

These tight leggings made by Nualime, an edgy activewear line with a Brazilian vibe, have a pretty cool name, too: Universe Starlight Leggings. I wore them with a colorful top and sneakers for my walk last weekend. At first, I was scared to leave my apartment wearing such a bold outfit, but as I started walking, I just felt so sassy. The pants stayed at my waist (always a challenge to find a pair that does that) and the sleek print had me feeling really great about myself. And what's even better: The material is made to keep you cool and provide SPF protection—a type of stylish sunscreen if you ask me!

I've conquered my fear of printed leggings. My next goal? Shorts! One day, it'll happen.

Have you gained the confidence to wear any new type of clothing? Tell me about it!

—Katerina Gkionis, assistant editor

Categories: Fitness